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Here you will find helpful Real Estate information for home sellers and buyers, such as how to negotiate offers, how to avoid mistakes before and during closing, home maintenance issues and tips, housing trends and more. Scroll down to view recent articles or use Search for specific topics.

Common Mistakes When Closing on a Home

Ever notice that when you’re unprepared, it heats up stressful situations? Take the preclosing stage of the home-buying process. You may keep thinking about the money at stake, while forms, disclosures, and reports fly at you. It’s enough to overwhelm anyone. Anyone who isn’t well prepared, that is. You can get a head start, though, … Continue reading

Wildfire next to home

13 Tips for Home Wildfire Protection

How do most homes ignite during a wildfire? A floating ember or piece of burning wood touches down on a roof, gutter, in a vent, under a deck, or on a porch and ignites leaves and debris, says the National Fire Protection Association. Or else, a surface fire simply takes the fast lane to your … Continue reading

Stronger Together

United Against Racial Injustice

My heart goes out to the family and friends of our fellow Minnesotan George Floyd, and to everyone deeply affected by this grave injustice. We know there is much work to do, and we must awaken to that fact and never turn away. Here’s a message from Edina Realty’s CEO Greg Mason: Statement from Edina … Continue reading

Disinfecting Supplies

How to Disinfect Your Home in the Time of Coronavirus

There’s everyday clean, guest clean, and then there’s COVID-19 clean. To get down the absolute nitty gritty on how to disinfect your home, you’ll want your big guns: bleach, rubbing alcohol, and hot water. The Best Disinfectants For your high-touch surfaces, the Centers for Disease Control recommends a bleach solution diluted with water, or a … Continue reading

Is Your Home Older Than Its Years?

Would you throw away $20,000? You are if you’re letting your home age faster than it should. Here’s a simple maintenance strategy to keep your home young. You know how Dr. Oz says that if you keep your body fit and your mind nimble, you’re likely younger than your chronological years? The same principle applies … Continue reading

Coronavirus Mortgage Relief

What You Need to Know to Get Coronavirus Mortgage Relief

Mortgage lenders, and the federal agencies that regulate lenders, are putting coronavirus mortgage relief measures in place to ensure homeowners have options if they’re unable to make payments. Your first stop in the face of financial hardship is your lender or bank. Just keep in mind lenders are working to figure out and implement the … Continue reading

At Edina Realty

My commitment to you during COVID-19

I understand there is a vital need for many to purchase and sell homes or refinance amidst the pandemic. Real estate services are considered an essential business in both Minnesota and Wisconsin during this time, but please be assured that we are making every attempt to do things virtually whenever possible. The health and safety … Continue reading

Saint Paul Home & Patio Show

Saint Paul Home & Patio Show Ticket Giveaway

I’m happy to giveaway a limited number of tickets to this upcoming show where you can review home-related products and services, experience stunning project displays, connect with industry experts and enjoy informative presentations from renowned home professionals that can help you conceptualize your next home project. Hurry, you can request up to four free tickets … Continue reading

Baby Under a Towel

The Best Time of Year to Buy Things for Your Home

Buying stuff can be stressful. Cheap out, and you could regret it. Overspend, and you’ll cut into your budget. Knowing the best time of year to buy appliances and other household items can lessen the anxiety. Here’s a list of the best time of year for sales — or download the one-page calendar here. Furniture: January and July You could save … Continue reading

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